Terms and Conditions of Accommodation

Terms and Conditions of Accommodation

  1.  Key deposit – employees will be charged a key deposit of $50 upon check in. This deposit will be deducted from employees’ wage. If key is returned upon departure then this deposit will be returned via your wage.
  2. Security – 24 hour security cameras have been installed to ensure employee safety.
  3. Smoking – NO SMOKING in cabins or BBQ area. THEY are both smoke-free zones! All cigarette butts are to be disposed of safely in the bins provided.
  4. Drugs – NO NON–PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! Employees caught with drugs will be asked to leave the quarters immediately!
  5. Aggressive, bullying or unacceptable behaviour towards other employees will not be tolerated!
  6. Employees are responsible for the day to day cleaning of the cabins. They are to be left in a tidy manner daily e.g. floors swept, bins put out etc. Contact details for a local cleaner will be provided in the cabins however costs of cleaning will be covered by employees.
  7. Employees will have access to laundry facilities e.g., washing machines, dryers. Tokens to operate washing machines and dryers may be purchased from the front office.
  8. Employees will have access to BBQ facilities located in the common area outside. BBQ and kitchenette area must be cleaned after each use. All rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided.
  9.  Help’em Shearing quarters are provided for Help’em Shearing employees’ ONLY!! It is not acceptable to invite guests unless approved by Hilton or Melissa. WARNING THE QUARTERS ARE NOT PARTY CENTRAL. Employees will not be given a warning for partying and unacceptable behaviour.
  10. Help’em Shearing quarters have a 10pm curfew. This is a condition of accommodation! If curfew is broken the nightly rate of $85 per cabin ($10 per additional people) will charged (1st warning). If curfew is broken a 2nd time, you will be asked to leave the quarters and to seek alternative accommodation.
  11. Employees will provide their own linen e.g., towels, sheets, blankets etc.
  12. Vehicles must be parked in the parking areas beside cabins. There is one vehicle parking for each cabin.
  13. Speed limit – the speed limit at the quarters is 10km/hr. If excessive speed is reported you will receive a warning. If you exceed the limit a second time, you will be asked to leave. All road ways are shared by both motorists and pedestrians.
  14. Please do not walk in the gardens.
  15. Please report any repairs to the office or to Hilton and Melissa directly.
  16. Working dogs – dogs must be tied up or on a leash at all times whilst at the quarters unless actively supervised. Employees will only be given one warning if their dogs are roaming. After this warning employees will either be asked to seek alternative arrangements for their dogs and/or be asked to leave the quarters.
  17. Dog owners are responsible to clean up each time after the animal goes to the toilet and dispose of in the bins provided. Dogs are to have access to water at all times.
  18. Dogs are not permitted inside the cabins or the amenities block.
  19. Fire safety – all employees are to familiarise themselves with the fire safety procedures located in the cabins. Please be familiar with the location of emergency meeting points around the premises. If you become aware of a fire please call 000.
  20. A cabin inspection be will conducted weekly (on Sundays). If cabins are left in an unsatisfactory condition, employees’ will be issued with a warning. If an unsatisfactory inspection is conducted a second time, employees’ will be asked to leave the quarters and seek alternative accommodation.
  21. A cabin inspection will be conducted after employees’ departure. If cabins are left in an unsatisfactory condition, cleaning and maintenance costs will be recovered from employees’ wage. If you have any suggestions to increase efficiency of management, please feel free to contact Hilton or Melissa directly.