Terms and Conditions of Employment


  •  Employees are paid in align with the Pastoral Award 2010
  •  Employees will be paid on Monday by 5.00pm (following Monday after start date).
  • Pay slips will be sent to employees via email. Please provide your email address in the employee details section of the website. If you do not have an email address you may request for us to set one up for you
  • Employees will be employed on a day to day basis
  • Employee authorises for contractor to deduct wage advances, shearing supplies from wages, mess etc.
  •  WAGES WILL NOT BE PROCESSED until all online requests have been completed
  • Payment summaries will be emailed to you by the 28 August each year

Appropriate Clothing: Employees are required to wear suitable protective clothing as per industry standards (e.g. closed footwear). Thongs, flip flops or crocs are not suitable footwear and ARE NOT permitted.

Injuries or Accidents

  • Workers must report all accidents or injuries to their Team Leader immediately or as soon as practicable after they have occurred. The incident will be reported in the Shearing Tally (& Incident reporting Log) book
  • Any workers required to take time off due to workplace injuries will be compensated under the relevant NSW legislation.
  • In the event of an accident, report immediately to the shed manager/wool classer. You are then required to complete (fill out) an accident report and notify us as soon as possible.
  • Any situation that you have reason to believe constitutes a hazard, report immediately to the shed manager/wool classer. You are required to complete (fill out) a hazard report.

Code of Conduct: Help’em Shearing Pty Ltd (The Company) commits to encouraging a safe, supportive and productive work environment. The Company aligns it policies and practices the Work Health and Safety Act of each state that it operates within. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and agrees to suitable standards of conduct and work practices.

The following points need to be adhered to whilst you are employed by The Company. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action that may include reprimand, warning, suspension or dismissal:

Workmanship: All employees are to conduct themselves in a professional manner as per their job description. Workmanship should be of a professional standard that should exceed the minimum standards as outline by AWEX Code of Practice or as instructed by the Company representative.

Drugs & Alcohol: Employees must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs whilst on the job, traveling to or from the work site or when living in ‘camp-out’ situations. Employees must not be ‘hung-over’ when they present themselves to work each day. Non-prescription drugs are not to be bought on to on workplaces (shearing sheds or huts). On ‘camp-out’ jobs, moderate alcohol consumption will be tolerated after 5.30pm but at the discretion of the Company’s representative.

Smoking: No smoking in the shearing shed or huts. Smoking is only permitted outside of ‘run times’ in designated outside areas. Please check with supervisor as to where this area is. Cigarette butts are to be extinguished properly and disposed of in an appropriate rubbish bin, being mindful of fire hazards.

NO SMOKING in the workplace or VEHICLES. If you are a smoker, you are required to smoke outside (this is the law in NSW). All smoke butts need to be picked up and placed in the bin/disposed of. Smoking permitted during work hours (runs)

Animal Welfare: Sheep are to be treated humanely and with respect. Where available, the application of an appropriate pain relief product, anesthetic or chemical, needs to be applied to sheep prior to stitching. Even minor breeches will not tolerated and result in dismissal.

Equipment: Shearing equipment in must be in good working order. Safety clutches must be maintained and checked on a regular basis where ‘anti-lock’ shearing gear is not provided

Vehicles: are for travel to and from work. Unauthorised use of vehicles can result in termination of employment

Curfew: Camp out/shearing quarter’s curfew 10pm. The curfew is imposed in consideration of all staff.

Visitors: No employee visitors or guests are allowed onto the property without the express permission of the company or the property owner. This includes children.

Professional Behaviour: No offensive behaviour to fellow employees. Consistent irritable and moody behaviour towards fellow employees will not be tolerated.

Derogatory and defaming comments verbally or online including social media in regards to The Company, manager or other employees will not be tolerated.

Weapons or domestic animals: No weapons or domestic animals are to be bought on to the property without expression consent by the company or the property owner.

Working dogs: Working dogs are to be tied up at all times if they are permitted into the property.

Parking: Employees vehicles need to be parked a reasonable distance from shearing shed and huts to allow easy access of people and movement of stock.

Cut–Out: All shed hand staff are expected to assist the presser at the end of the day if assistance is required.

Requesting Leave: If you require a day off, please give adequate notice so that a replacement can be found